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Arguing with Idiots

September 23rd, 2009 · No Comments

Sunday Night Football gave me the first glimpse at the new fancy schmanzy Cowboys’ Stadium (even though they lost to the Giants on opening night). I read that the stadium seats well over 100,000 people and cost nearly $1.2 Billion (with a B) to build. Currently it is the biggest and most expensive NFL stadium, but will only hold that title until sometime next year when the Giants/Jets build their new stadium in New Jersey which will cost approximately $1.6 Billion (with a B).

The Cowboys’ Franchise has an international following with millions of fans all over the world (we won’t even mention those famous cheerleaders). The team is loved, players idolized and merchandise is the cream of the crop. They are a well-established team that has remained in its hometown since their inception (as opposed to teams like the Cardinals and the Rams that have actually moved from one City or entire State to another). My point is the stadium will be used, cherished and will probably make a lot of money. No doubt a wise investment for Jerry Jones and the city of Dallas (well actually, Arlington, Texas).

Then there’s our stupid Mayor, Larry Langford. Larry has made we constituents pay taxes to someday build a football stadium of our very own, right here in the Ham. Yes, Larry intends to build a domed stadium for no one that will eventually cost somewhere around $440 million. It will only have about 57,000 seats. That’s right folks; we have no NFL team to build a stadium for. We haven’t even been able to keep an XFL team or a hockey team or even an arena football team… no one attends these events. Why? Because it’s not college ball! This state is all about college. Bryant-Denny Stadium is currently getting an update and an addition. It will hold well over 100,000 people and it will often be sold out. The Crimson Tide and the Auburn Tigers are the only game in town here. Ask anyone! Hello? Larry? McFly?

Let’s point out also, that if stadiums are being built with the capacity to hold over 100,000 fans with costs skyrocketing into the Billions (with a B), then what team would eventually want to even consider leaving its current market and moving to a brand new stadium that cost less and holds less than the average stadium to build? With no guaranteed fan base? Downtown? Who in their right minds? Anyone? Anyone? Buehler?

It’s just ludicrous! Why do we continually vote for these idiots?

(title borrowed from Glenn Beck – thanks)

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