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April Birthdays

April 26th, 2009 · No Comments

In my family, both Boy and Scooter have birthdays in April. It is usually nice weather for being outside and over the years (through photos) I have noticed I am prone to cowboy hats in April. I don’t know why that is, but I do know I look nothing like Bret Michaels. rj-5th-bday-014.JPGThis year, Scooter’s party was simple and in her own backyard. We grilled out hot dogs and hamburgers and of course there were lots of gifts to open. Cinderella even showed up for a visit. rj-5th-bday-007.JPG  Kids are usually pretty easy to keep entertained. All you really have to do is let them stick their fingers in the cake’s icing and teach them the versatility of balloons! rj-5th-bday-017.JPG  The older ones are little more difficult to keep occupied, you have to ply them with expensive alcoholic beverages in order to get them to play along…but once you hit the right level…the fun begins!rj-5th-bday-033.JPG I know from experience that no one wants to do the silly stuff until you force them. Then once they get started, they really do have fun and it is the one thing they truly remember. For example, I set up a goofy obstacle course in the front yard for my daughter’s wedding shower and everyone remembers how hard they laughed and how they want me to set another one up real soon. Well, with the fun gifts Scooter got for her birthday, we have the option of setting up a slip n slide, a baby pool with a whale’s slide and a squiggle hose. All we’d have to do is fill the baby pool with pudding and cover the end of the slip n slide with whipped cream and BAM! Instant hilarity! Embarrassing my children is always at the very top of my list of fun things to do. Just wait until Scooter is a teenager! 

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