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Another One Bites The Dust

July 18th, 2008 · No Comments

It’s 2003 and Hubby and I have a favored local pub we meet at on Friday nights. After a long workweek, Gabriel’s has Happy Hour with free wings and the waitress knows our drink order when we walk in the door. This particular night, middle daughter, Sari, has no one to go play with, so we invite her along. At 19, hanging out with your parents on a Friday night is not much of a consolation, but whatever.  

The city sponsored summer daycare program is coming to an end and Sari will be out of a job soon. We chat about options and future plans just as perky waitress pops on over and takes one look at Sari and says, “Wow, you are cute! You should apply at Hooter’s. They’d take you in a heartbeat.” 

Sure enough, Sari becomes a Hooter’s Girl. No longer a soccer playing, tree climbing, animal obsessed tom-boy, but almost over night transforms into a full fledged, make up wearing, hair straightening, giggling girlie-girl. I give Hooter’s credit for turning a very shy girl into a self-confident and self-sufficient woman. Soon her bank account has more in it than mine and now she has the cojones to put on a string bikini and parade on a platform for the entire world to see.  

It’s 2005 and Sari has a baby-daddy. He’s working as a manager of a Caribbean style restaurant. They want to get married one day, but he just isn’t making enough money to support his family the way he wants. He puts his resume up on and guess who comes a-calling? None other than Hooter’s of America! Indeed, he becomes the youngest General Manager in Hooter’s Nation. He’s on track to make more money than Hubby and I combined. The kids got married and built their own home.  

It’s 2008 and Boy has just called his Momma. “Guess what?” he says, “I just got a new job offer…”   

My first thought is that Hooter’s Nation is stealing all of my children, but Hubby is convinced that Hooter’s is saving all of my children. He asked if I wouldn’t mind that he be next… I’ll give it a two boobs up, Dick!

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