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Another Day in Paradise

January 6th, 2010 · No Comments

It was a pretty rough day today and it’s only Tuesday.  I had been off work since last wednesday for the New Year’s Holiday. We had been informed by the building management that all common areas were to be painted over the long weekend. True to form, we come in on Monday morning and WET PAINT signs are all over the hallway and (as we are the trolls that live in the basement) all of the mechanical room doors were propped open. The office was below arctic! I was wearing gloves to type, my boss wore his coat all day and we jumped around like mexican jumping beans trying to keep our blood flowing. Ok, so maybe the heat was turned down over the long weekend or maybe the painters kept the doors open too much. It’ll be fine tomorrow…

Tuesday was even colder than Monday. I wore gloves and a coat for most of the day. I had to keep rubbing my nose to keep it from frost bite.  Finally, one of the attorneys went upstairs and literally dragged the building manager by his collar to come visit our offices. Thankfully, he discovered the problem had to do with all of those propped open mecanical room doors. It warmed up almost immediately!

But then it seemed the electronic gremlins took over. The printer jammed up, the computers were slow, the network kept geeking out. UGH! I am not your company’s computer guy! (A nod to SNL and Jimmy Fallon). When my boss left for lunch I checked his computer and indeed he was the printer culprit. He had 17 print jobs sitting in the print que! If it doesn’t work the first time, don’t hit print 16 more times! UGH!

Then to top off this lovely day at the office, the painter guys returned by late afternoon and the paint fumes were just overwhelming! Headaches began, sinus issues loomed and tear ducts filled up. My boss decided perhaps washing his face might help, so he headed toward the bathroom down the hall and as he opened the door to the hall, he put his hand right in the wet paint on the back side of the office door! Although I laughed my ass off, couldn’t they have informed us?

Needless to say, Boss and I decided we were on each other’s last nerve and this stinking office was more than we could take. I sure hope wednesday is a better day.

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