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November 20th, 2013 · No Comments

I was just reading an article about a Texas-based photographer, Mark Menjivar, who is releasing his first photo book called “Refrigerators”. See,  for a sample of his work.

He says he learns a lot about people from taking pics of their refrigerators. Of course, I was fascinated and then a little weirded-out because I honestly did not think I was THAT anal retentive about my fridge.

GalPalVal once commented on the salad dressing soldiers marching in perfect procession in the door of my fridge. Yes, I like order and cleanliness. But don’t most people? Also, if you keep your fridge too full (or too empty) you change the temperature in the fridge. You run the risk of safety issues; bacteria, mold and mildew. I’m enough of a germ-a-phobe that I would just freak out if there actually were anything gray and/or furry found next to the food that I put in my mouth. Also, I may be considerate enough to the chef to bring home that doggy bag from dinner out or even put leftovers in a Tupperware after dinner in. But I will never eat them before I throw them in the trash within 48 hours.

I also enjoyed some of the comments posted to the article, including:

“I see milk and eggs in a vegan fridge”

“Wait, is that a real snake in the freezer?”

“I’m cleaner than I thought.”

And my personal favorite:

“What? No OCD pics?”

I have nothing to hide because my salad dressings are good little soldiers (and the Campbell’s soup cans stand at attention in the pantry, too).



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