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November 2nd, 2011 · No Comments

By no means I am anywhere near “rich”. Mostly flat broke in fact due to the fact that I have a big house, it’s mostly a money pit and I desperately need to downsize. But playing upon yesterday’s theme of “crazy rich people”, I have a story to share.

Hubby’s son (we shall call him Gangsta) came to visit for the weekend. He lives with his mother out of state and, for the lack of a better term, I would say he lives on the rough side of the tracks. (Hubby is trying to convince him to come live with us.) And his Mom is less Martha Stewart and more Dina Lohan.

I asked him what kind of dinner I could make for him. Would he prefer a grilled steak and baked potato or more like a baked chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy? He said that he pretty much would eat anything put on his plate. All food is good. He went on to say that he would cook more at home if the kitchen wasn’t trashed.

“Oh, so your mom is remodeling?” I ask.

Gangsta gave me that “crazy rich people” look and replied, “No, it’s trashed. Mom’s not real big on cleaning.”

I really need to curb my HGTV habit.

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