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January 17th, 2012 · No Comments

I watched an interview with Madonna this weekend. I think
it was on 20/20. I found it…interesting.

There she was sitting on a Victorian settee, ankles crossed, in a long form fitting skirt. She was continuously sipping on her tea cup throughout the interview. She spoke very decisively as if each word were well rehearsed.

There was no hint of the English accent she used to use
when married to what’s-his-name.

I did not notice the red string tied around her wrist
from when she went from being Catholic to Jewish a few years back either.

Never once was the interviewer allowed to mention any
children, but showing candid pictures of her newest Boy Toy was acceptable. He
looked about 15, but she said he has “an old soul”. Sorry honey, boys do not
have “old souls” they have Mommy issues. So much for not mentioning children

Finally, at one point the interviewer asked how she felt
about Lady Gaga. After all, her song Born this Way is a copy cat of Express
Madonna so coyly raised her tea cup, “I find it…reductive”. Then
took a sip, looked directly into the camera and said, “Look it up”.

She is quite a choreographer, isn’t she?


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