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November 30th, 2010 · No Comments

Recently Hubby and I were at a store I was unfamiliar with. I had to ask a clerk to point me in the direction of the flowers. Hubby dashed off to find another item elsewhere in the store. I poked through the flower choices and decided upon three small purple potted plants. Hubby caught up with me and asked if I was ready to go. I said that I had found these fun little plants for $3.33 each or three for $10. That’s a good deal.

We made our way to the register and discovered that the plants were not $3.33 each, but $8.88 each. Now, the problem is not that my sister’s grave site is not worth $27.00 in plants, but that I was so far off in the price that the cost nearly tripled! Hubby shook his head at me, “You weren’t wearing your glasses, were you?”

Later that month, Hubby and I are at another store and I dart straight for the Christmas tree ornaments section. He quickly runs off anywhere else…

As I am poking through the $1.99 bins I spy Hubby watching me from afar. He makes his way to where I am and simply says, “Thanks”.

“Are you thanking me for shopping in the $1.99 section?” I ask. He replies, “Well, that too”.

“Are you thanking me for shopping in the $1.99 section and continually picking up something and quickly putting it back down?” I ask. He replies, “Well, that too”.

“Are you thanking me for wearing my glasses so that I know I am actually shopping in the $1.99 section?” He simply smiles and walks away.

Vow: I am never allowed to shop without my glasses on.

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