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After the Rain

June 16th, 2010 · No Comments

Ok, so some random wind shear came blowing through the neighborhood yesterday afternoon. I got home from work to find the streets littered with tree debris and yes, a few ornamentals had bit the dust as well.

After changing into comfy clothes, I stepped out onto the back deck to survey the situation and discovered a bit of a mess! The hammock, which has its own polished steel stand, was toppled and had slid from its original perch. The market umbrella with its cast iron stand was blown off the retaining wall and into a tree and unfortunately, snapped in half. The hot tub lid was pulled off but thankfully it caught on the hand rail of the deck. Numerous potted plants and outdoor lighting fixtures were found rolling across the deck and the water fountain duckies were scattered all over the yard. Oh, and I found the tin bird bath in the bushes.

Certainly it could have been worse, I mean, I could have come home to a flash flood or something. It only took a few minutes to clean up most of the rearranged items. I will need to get out the rake and clean up the pinecones and fallen branches though. This morning, as I left for work, several tree companies were already wood chipping branches and trimming trees.

The news never made a single comment about this random weather event, other than some areas in the viewing area are “experiencing thunderstorm activity”. Ya think?

The concern now is that there is a tropical storm brewing in the Lesser Antilles right now. If that storm blows up through the Atlantic and into the Gulf, where the waters are incredibly warm for this time of year already…we will have us our first named Hurricane of the season. And where we once thought “Acid Rain” was a bad thing…wait until we find out what “BP Rain” is all about…

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