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December 7th, 2009 · No Comments

Daughter Sari is preggers for the second time. The first time she was the ultimate incubator and behaved well. We ended up nicknaming the baby bump BO, after a character in a movie that drank a lot of water. Apparently, she was a thirsty fetus. This time, it seems we need to nickname the baby bump Chocolate Bunny. He has quite a sweet tooth, errr…rather… a sweet cord. 

This weekend, Sari and Scooter came over to watch the BIG GAME! (who won? Oh yes ALABAMA won the SEC Championship! Whoo Hooo!)  And also they came into town to attend an engagement party. I brought Scooter home early from the party so Sari could stay and enjoy some time with her girlfriends. By morning, Scooter was up and watching cartoons while Mommy tried to get a few extra hours of sleep. So Scooter and I sat at the kitchen table and assembled a gingerbread house together. We are calling it the Ghetto-bread House. Let’s face it, that pre-made frosting is more concentrated than glue and well, a five year old was designing it, but we had a lot of giggles over the construction mishaps and the constant runaway gumballs. 

 Now this Ghetto-bread House is not for eating, especially for Mommy and her “sweet baby”. So, Scooter and I also decided to make Mommy breakfast in bed. We wanted her to eat everything that was not sugar coated, so we made her Eggs Lorraine (a tasty casserole with eggs, sausage and a touch of heavy cream), we made crispy bacon, asparagus, grapes on the side and a big glass of fresh orange juice. We were so proud of ourselves when we crept up the stairs and surprised her with this fabulous tray of chow.  

Later, Mommy came downstairs with her practically empty plate and raved about the asparagus. Said it was unusually tasty for something so green. I told her that if you sprinkle a little lemon juice on it, you won’t need salt or butter to choke it down. Wow. How healthy is that? She even said she may try it at home. Ok, so I am practically bending over sideways to pat myself on the back, when suddenly she is rummaging through the pantry… 

I ask, “What are you looking for?” 

She replies, “Don’t you have any hot chocolate?” 

Oy! I give up.

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