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I am a walking, talking, breathing contradiction in terms and through this affliction writing is my therapy and laughter is my medicine.

All of my education and profession centers within the legal field, but I want to be on HGTV.

I am a total germ-a-phobe but I smoke like a chimney.

I love Butch Walker but I secretly worship Barry Manilow.

I could not live one day without my husband, but I firmly believe all men are pigs.

I don’t like sticky, germ-ridden children, but I have three of my own.

I am incredibly technologically uninformed, yet I write a blog.

My friends call me Kimmer. I am 42 and those aforementioned children are now grown adults. I am what one refers to as a Grandmother, but if you call me that I will poke holes in your Capri Sun and squeeze with uproarious delight!

I was a young mother and now I am a young empty nester. My attempts to make up for some missed youth are mostly because I believe that I will not live a long life. I often reference movie dialogue, I have been known to embarrass people in public and I am sarcastic to a fault, but I am learning to accept people for who they are (not you of course) and attempting to let go of the reigns once in awhile (no, not today though).

I want to write the Great American Novel, but can’t seem to stay focused enough to write one storyline without mixing in six others. That’s probably why I like blogging so much. I don’t have to stay on one issue, I can mix it up and spit it out as fast as the idea hits me.

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