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A Vote of Confidence?

June 30th, 2008 · No Comments

I am a voter. I encourage my children to register and make their voices heard. I think that if you don’t register and don’t place your vote, then you don’t have any right to criticize. I firmly believe that every vote counts!

BUT (and a big butt it is) I am not happy with the choices for President. I was not happy with the last choices for President. I am not seeing any improvement in our selection process.

John McCain has never been employed outside of the United States Government. He is a graduate of the Naval Academy and National War College, he was in the military, he wrote some books; he was a congressman and a Senator. He has no idea how to run a business.

Barack Obama has a law degree from Harvard, he wrote some books, was a state congressman and then a Senator. Again, he has no idea how to run a business.

The US Government is like a big business. You have to work with a budget, you have to be able to hire (and fire) employees that will get the job done, not just to give your friends a title. You have to manage your staff, delegate responsibilities and you have to set goals, meet those goals and grow your business (whether it’s profits, production or quality of life).

Neither of these candidates have the experience or knowledge to do the job!!!

 Yes, McCain has been in a war or two and Obama has “worked as a community organizer” (whatever that means). Unfortunately, I do not think I can vote for either candidate this upcoming election. But I don’t know that I can stand to forfeit my right to complain!

Can I write in a candidate?

D. None of the above.

That is still considered voting, right?

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