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April 17th, 2009 · No Comments




Kimmer has not been very chatty lately, rather lazy perhaps on the blogosphere. So I thought I would go all Jack Bauer on myself and electroshock my creative juices by trying something new. I will be carrying my camera with me whenever I have an outing. Now, do not mistake this as some kind of professional photography attempt, definitely that I am NOT.  It will be more of a visual on Kimmer’s world, small as it may be. I am sure there will be things that I find funny to share with you. I am sure there will be things that I find thought provoking that I will share with you and there will be the typical things that just plain make you go hmmmmm…

Last night I attended a Tea Party. The speakers referred to themselves as “Right Wing Extremists”, (they were saying it in a joking manner). They do have a few points that I agree with, but they also have a few points that I disagree with too. First, these republicans do not want bigger government. They want the government to stay out of their personal business. This I firmly agree with. However, these republicans oppose abortion rights and thereby want government involved in their/our personal business. I guess it’s OK for the government to tell us how to treat our bodies, but it’s not OK for government to hire a czar to tell us that? This confused me. 

It was a peaceable event with a poor sound system, but it was the signs that people carried that were the most entertaining. Out of respect for a young mother and her small baby, I did not actually take a picture of them, but the baby was wearing a bib that said, “At least my breast milk isn’t taxed…yet”. I thought it was funny.

Above are a few signs that I was able to capture on film before the sun went down, the television cameras came up and Sean Hannity gave The Ham 7 minutes of fame on Fox News.

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