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A little pout goes a long way

September 23rd, 2008 · No Comments

You know how the old saying goes that if your husband works in a particular field, say construction, your house is the LAST to have any home improvements? He says he does that kind of work all day and the last thing he wants to do when he gets home is to do “work”. Well, my Hubby is in the lawn service field and he does NOT do any yard work at our house. I actually pay a man to come over and mow, edge, trim, etc… And he was fine up until we put in the new emerald zoysia.  

For some reason during the 4 weeks that we could not have the sod mowed, he changed his standards. He no longer used a push mower, he no longer edged very neatly and he no longer bagged all the clippings. I was paying someone so that I could come home from work to do more work! I cancelled his services and set out in search of a new lawn guy.   

Just down the street from me is a guy with his own business, so in the spirit of neighborly business promotion, I gave him a call. This guy quoted me at double what the last guy was charging me! Granted I asked for my lawn to look like Yankee Stadium, but still, (as Hubby says, “It’s not rocket science, it’s just lawn care”), I was floored. By the time I paid this guy weekly I could own my own lawn mowing business. So what did I do? Like any self-proclaimed trophy wife would do – I pouted!

Hubby ran out and bought his own push lawn mower and set out to make our lawn look like Yankee Stadium – stripes and all! Such a good doobie. But he did say that it probably won’t look like Yankee Stadium, however would I settle for The Met? (our local minor league team stadium, which for many years, his company provided the lawn care for.)  

Perfection! How can a super-anal lawn freak like me ask for more?

Moral of the story ladies, sometimes your man really does just want to be your hero.

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