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May 15th, 2012 · No Comments

In January, Hubby and I went to the eye doctor to get new
prescriptions; however, he was diagnosed with cataracts in his left eye. We
then went on a tour of eye surgeons and discovered that he would need major
surgery to first correct a detached retina. (This was originally caused by the stereotypical BB gun shot to the eye as a child.)  Yep, he’s THAT kid. We unfortunately do not have health insurance coverage as I had let
it lapse a year prior. It just figures that after several years of paying those
ever-rising premiums and never using the service, that it all comes around full
circle to literally kick us in the ass.

We began saving up the cold hard cash to afford this surgery, when Hubby began feeling badly. In February he went to see a general practitioner and was diagnosed with high blood pressure. He was put on two types of prescriptions and told to lose some weight, etc… He really did try hard to lose weight, cut out a lot of bad things from his diet, tried to get more rest, etc… But the pills he was taking wreaked havoc on his body; always tired, out of breath, weak. He developed a terrible cough and a bout with the flu. He went back to the Dr. who changed one of the medications and gave him something for the flu. The cough never subsided and the medications continued to make him miserable and to top it off his blood pressure was not improving either.

After two scary episodes (within days of each other) of him not being able to catch his breath and his chest hurting, I took off work and dragged him back to the Dr. myself! That’s when all hell broke loose! The Dr. immediately sent us to a cardiologist where Hubby was given all new medications and a nuclear stress test. Then we were sent to the emergency room where he was admitted to the hospital and given an arteriogram. Needless to say, he was a poor student and he didn’t pass any of the tests.

The very next morning he was taken into surgery where they harvested a vein from his left leg and then performed a triple heart bypass. He stayed in the ICU unit until Friday night then moved to a step-down unit for an additional 3 days. He was released from the hospital on Monday April 30th and has been at home recovering ever since. He is on a dozen or so medications with strict rest and no stress demands.

He has been a very naughty patient; our house is way too
big and he goes up and down the stairs all the time. He fusses about the
landscaping and general repairs. I even caught him stone cold, red handed driving his car this past week! So once again, I had to play bad cop and I rented us a small two bedroom, ground level, maintenance free apartment. The house goes up for sale in 30 days and we will be moved into our new apartment by the end of this month.  

As you can imagine, this has all been very scary and upsetting. Hubby is frustrated at his recovery and is sick and tired of being sick and tired. But he continues to
improve and we hope to be settled in and enjoy some stress free living soon. Then
we get to tackle that amazing hospital bill! Weeeeeee!

Thanks to all of you who listened to my rants and raves and panic attacks. Also thank you for all of your well wishes and thoughtful cards and letters. Hubby and I appreciate all of your support and love.  Here’s to a better 2012!


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