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June 2nd, 2008 · 1 Comment

Sunday, June 1, 2008. The first day of the month of June and in most kids’ eyes, the first day of summer. In Alabama, it is the first day of searing heat and humidity…

It was the most unusual weather day. The morning was steamy, but still a slight breeze in the air. I at least got to sit on my front porch long enough to enjoy my morning cup of tea. You could see the high clouds trapping the moisture and the sun trying to peek through every now and again, but you could also feel the humidity enveloping your bare flesh like a soggy, sweaty gym sock. ICK!

Hubby and I decided to get out of the house for a bit and try to stretch our legs. I had suggested the mall as we could simply walk all over and not be in the oppressive heat or the pending rain, but he suggested the outlet center which we had not been to in years (the one near us is the saddest little dump I have ever seen!) So off we went.

We parked far out in the lot because the goal was to walk as much as possible. We toured through several shops and down the sidewalks, when all of a sudden the mother load hurricane dropped in! We ran into a Pac Sun outlet store and looked out the large plate glass doors. The wind grabbed the doors and slammed them open, so the little worker bees had to lock them shut. Funny thing was, one of them had run out to the food court to grab some lunch and found herself banging on the door begging to get in out of the storm! She was dripping wet with her styrofoam fried shrimp shivering there behind the desk. She said she couldn’t wait for her shift to be over so she could go home and put on some warm, dry clothes. I said, “But you work in a clothing store”. Why did that seem so far fetched to her?

There we are locked in a retail store watching umbrellas rip off of their frames and plastic chairs tumble down the sidewalk. The lights flickered off and on and the thunder would crash so loud I had to cover my ears and eventually moved all the way to the rear of the store so I didn’t have to be so close to the rage just beyond those plate glass doors. And as I attempt to keep my mind on something else, I turn to the dreaded CLEARANCE RACK. Yep, there it is everything at $1.99.

Add 6 more items to the ever growing Christmas gift pile that I will no doubt misplace and forget about before I ever even see the month of December.  

Hubby gave me a pass this time though. He said it was totally unfair of the store to lock me inside and force me to purchase crap before allowing me to leave. I appreciated his gesture, but the fact is he made me go to the outlet center when I wanted to go to the mall.

And just between you and me, we would never have gotten out of the mall for less than $15.00.

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