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A Christmas Letter

December 21st, 2012 · No Comments

Dear Friends and Family:

WHEW! It has been 8 months since Hubby’s traumatic episode of being gutted like a deer! (I kid you not, that is the official terminology used by his surgeon).  He has really healed well. Of course we are considering a tattoo of a zipper down his chest just for giggles. He has sold his lawn care business to his long time employee and now other than helping with some administrative logistics, he is semi-retired.

This year Hubby and I are getting off scot free when it comes to hosting the holiday gatherings. All we have to do is show up! I’m kinda excited about it!

Daughter Sari and her kids hosted the Halloween Party this year and she also gets to host her first official family Thanksgiving at her home. This is funny in itself because Sari is not a big fan of Thanksgiving as a holiday in the first place. Her comments regarding the decision: “I object! I hate Thanksgiving! Why would anyone like a holiday that is all about cooking and cleaning? That’s not joyful!” (I rather agree with her- which is why this year she gets to do all the cooking and cleaning and not me!) BONUS!

The eldest and her husband will then be our gracious hosts for their first official family Christmas at their home! As we all have to travel to Ohio and actually stay at their home for an extended amount of time, this will be much more challenging for them than one lousy afternoon at her sister’s.

As long as there is a reasonable amount of snow for us southerners (Damn Yankees) to play outside, we should not be in her hair all day and all night (mind you, reasonable is a key word here). We are also looking forward to spending time with Dad and playing with the entire clan and visiting some of our age-old-forever friends for a few days back home in good ol’ Maumee.

Finally, Boy is always in charge of New Year’s Eve celebrations and this year will be better than ever. He is now the Bar Manager at his new location and subsequently, he has a certain allotment he can run up each month on his manager’s tab. Our new favorite phrase – one that rolls off a parent’s tongue so smoothly …

Put it on the Boy’s Tab!

How often does a parent get to say that? Geez it was fun!!

We are all doing pretty well given the difficulty of the start of this year. But obviously, we are not the only ones who have had challenges. We wish everyone a healthy and happy Christmas and New Year!

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