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A Change Gonna Come

January 22nd, 2009 · No Comments

Smokers are a resilient people. Like the Mailman, not sleet, nor rain, nor snow nor dark of night will keep us from our appointed smoke break. We stand outside the back doors of the Nation. We commune with nature and nicotine.

We reminisce of the days of the Marlboro Man and Mad Men. When copywriters smoked in their offices right after that three martini lunch. Catholic School coaches lit up in the locker room during halftime of the big game. And pearl draped trophy wives smoked at the dinner table (how else does one keep a 22 inch waist?) while the (seen and not heard) children choke down liver and onions or an occasional Swanson TV dinner.

We have been excised from our own homes! Our offices and even the corner pub have thrown us to the wolves. If you can’t smoke in a bar then where? Where?

Barack Obama is a smoker. Maybe after he parts the red sea or pardons the Chicago Cubs, he will commute our sentences and once again allow us smokers back into society. Smokers unite!

One nation under Joe Camel with light 100’s and menthols for all!

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