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September 26th, 2008 · No Comments

Kimmer is having a yard sale this weekend. Kimmer hates hosting yard sales! Why? Because it is physically painful to try to let something go that you bought/acquired for a reason. No matter that reason may have come and gone and, for the life of you, you can’t remember what it was.

But it was, nevertheless. 

Kimmer has a terrible affliction called “painted furniture disease”. I love painted furniture with that “should be in a beach house” feel. So I collect what I rationalize as my “someday beach house decor”.  I am over flowing in blue and white! There is dishware, bolts of fabric, cute little collectibles for adorable table top vignettes…Hubby blames this on Cottage Living Magazine.

Now let me give you some perspective: I can barely afford the house I live in today and there is no hopeful prospect of affording a beach house in any sense of the word, not now…not soon…not ever. So, are you beginning to understand the disease? There is no 12 step program or pill or patch.  

And so I have to purge.

Imagine the DT’s; the trembling, the shaking and deliberately standing in front of some particular item that a hungry woman in green stretch pants is voraciously eyeing for herself.  Nooooo! I bought this item at a flea market, dragged it home from out of state, sanded it, primed it, painted it and then changed my mind on the color and did it all over again! You can’t just snatch it up for $10 lousy dollars and then throw it in your garage so that you can cover it in potting soil and cobwebs! It’s mine! Mine! All mine! 

What’s that? $12.50? Hubby will gleefully help load it into your car for you. Have a nice day. 

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