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January 6th, 2014 · No Comments

Why is it that sometimes men (husbands) can be just like a preschooler?

The other day I went over to Sari’s house to visit for a bit. Her 3 year old suddenly decided he needed to be outside. Right that minute! He opens the back door while his mother yells for him to stop. First he has to put on socks and shoes and a coat. He returns from his room with no socks on, shoes on the wrong feet and a hooded sweatshirt inside out. He quickly runs past mom and out the door before she can stop him a second time.

This morning, Hubby reminded me of that precocious 3 year old. The temperature dropped to below freezing last night after a rain storm. Today’s high might hit 27 degrees, if we are lucky. He put on a windbreaker and tennis shoes and tried to run out the door with a quick “gotta go” kiss. I felt like his mommy. I made him stop. I had to ask if he took his morning pills? Did he drink his orange juice? Do you have your cell phone? Where is your winter coat? Ugh!

I made him take both sets of car keys and start the cars to make sure they were not frozen shut and to let them warm up.  He huffed and guffed and stomped out the door like that 3 year old. I can just hear him whining, “oh maaaahm”.  When he returned with my keys he realized his car had a flat tire and couldn’t have driven it anyway. He had to sit down and wait for me to finish getting ready and drove me to work so he could use my car for the day.  Can you imagine if he had just run off in his car and realized the flat tire somewhere down the road? No cell phone? No coat?

Dear Husbands, go ahead and tell us again how we are such terrible nags all of the time. Go ahead punk, make my day!

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