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2010: A Space Odyssey

January 5th, 2010 · No Comments

For the past three nights I have been getting myself tucked into bed before 11pm. That’s pretty good for me because I am a notorious night owl. I enjoy the peace and quiet after the Hubby goes to bed and the cat has found a quiet spot and I can turn on re-runs of HGTV and just veg out. But that also means that the later I stay up, the later I want to sleep in the next morning. I am attempting to adjust my internal clock, so that I can get up an extra twenty minutes earlier than normal to “do something physical” to jumpstart my metabolism (as I mentioned in an earlier post). 

Today, I rolled out of bed at 7:20. I was already in full sweats as the nights are way too cold lately to sleep in anything less. So I tied on the tennis shoes and strolled down to the basement. Mind you, I have been living in this house with a complete gym for over six months now and I have been down to that room once (I tried the treadmill for a total of two minutes). 

I set all the monitors and beepy things for 20 minutes. It told me I had to get my heart rate up to 144 at 2.8 miles per hour with a steep incline in order to shed 175 calories. I assume it knows what it’s talking about, so I hit enter and begin my trek.  Hubby put a small TV down there, so I can watch the morning news and hopefully make the time just FLY BY! Yeah…riiiight.  

After two minutes, I was huffing and puffing and complaining. After five minutes I was ready to quit. After 8 minutes I was afraid I was about to fall off the damn thing as the incline was so steep I had to hang onto the handles to keep from tumbling over backwards! Then it yelled at me, in its mocking beepy tone, because I had removed my hands from the heart monitors while trying to hang on for dear life! 

Hubby came running in when he heard all the noise. He thought for sure I had exploded right then and there. No, it’s just HAL reminding me of his complete control over my current existence. Evil, evil HAL… 

Yes, I managed to hang on for the full twenty minutes. When HAL stated that I had to “cool down” for an additional five minutes…I thought I would just die.  Tomorrow I may take a rope with me and tie up like a horse at the OK Corral. You will not defeat me HAL.

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