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May 10th, 2011 · No Comments

It was a very good year. We were celebrating our Bicentennial! Everyone was patriotic! I was in elementary school and still living a life of blissful innocence. Ahhhh… those were the days; best friends, bicycles and Bomb Pops. It was all a girl needed.

I reminisce about this particular year because I was prompted by a new TV fall series line up. It seems 2011 is really a remake of 1976. You know, the fashion designers tried to convince us that 1970’s retro fashion was all the rage this year. Personally I never cared for 70’s fashion faux pas: elephant bell bottoms, polyester shirts, flowers in your hair…No flower children here.

However, it seems that big hits of 1976 are being remade for this coming TV season, two of which are Charlie’s Angels and Wonder Woman. Talk about fashionistas! Wouldn’t you just kill for those gold cuffs that deflect bullets? And who wouldn’t want an invisible airplane?

C’mon! Every girl wanted to be Farrah Faucett-Majors! We wanted her hair and we wanted her dazzling smile (neither of which I was ever blessed with, darn it).

Both shows I fondly remember watching. Maybe not the very best of female role models to emulate, but at least I didn’t even consider growing up to be Laverne or Shirley.

Schlemiel! Schlimazel! Hasenpfeffer! Incorporated!

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