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The Mayor of a Ghost Town

March 14th, 2008 · No Comments

Hey Larry! Where ya been buddy? We have not been graced by your smug mug on the TV for a few weeks now. Are ya hiding from the people, Lar? Can’t seem to come up with a reason why the County Commissioners (of which you were one just last year before buying your way to Mayor) are bankrupting our County? The sewer bonds are not worth the toilet paper they are flushed with, the school bonds are dancing around the toilet ring and now the Commission wants to steal money from the State? The County cannot steal the State’s school money and then promise to pay it back later! Is your goal to saddle my grandchild with this debt??? Ridiculous!

Say Lar, let’s get our heads outta our asses now OK? Let’s finally put that damn Dome Stadium to rest and the stupid trolley system and the aquarium and the equestrian center and the roller coaster barreling out of Vulcan’s ass over City Hall and let’s get the sewer issue taken care of first and foremost. Our County is bankrupt and it is so bankrupt that it now tops the list of the entire Nation of embarrassment. Not even ghost town’s are this bankrupt.

Does anyone else hear the theme song to High Plains Drifter?

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